Sunday, January 22, 2012

More of our Day

Today has gone better in the cathing department – it’s amazing what prayer can do to help.  I know it’s still going to take lots of practice and more failed attempts, but at least we’re getting it accomplished each time we need to.  100_8075Mason had his first bath at home today.  The other children were quite interested in it because Mason has to have a sponge bath (no immersion in water) for at least a few weeks while his back heals.  He liked having his hair washed/head rubbed but wasn’t a fan of the rest of the process.  Joseph really enjoys holding his little brother. He was hovering while I fed Mason after his bath, waiting for his turn to hold him.100_8077Caleb was especially fascinated.  Once Mason’s bath was done Caleb came over and laid down on the drying towel for a turn – hehehe.  Funny boy!

All my sickies have been okay today.  Most aren’t interested in eating much, but are drinking a little and nibbling at meals.  I am starting to feel really sick to my stomach and the smell of dinner just about did me in.  Should make for an interesting night!  We did get all the sheets, towels, blankets, and pillowcases gathered, sorted into tubs by size, and put neatly in the hall closet upstairs, so we’re ready if we have another sickie night.


  1. I am glad that the cathing is going better.Its all a learning curve.You'll pick it up and it will become super easy ;0)
    I'm praying you dont start puking!After a c-section your poor abs cant take it!

    Love you!

  2. Hope the cathing continues to get easier and I hope your family gets well soon! I know all too well how sickness spreads in a large family :( wishing you a peaceful night!

  3. I hope everthing thing gets easier for you. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Sorry your kids are all sick...Not fun at all. Hope they are all feeling better soon!


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