Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mason is in Surgery Right Now

100_8044 Mason is in surgery right this minute getting a VP Shunt put in his brain.  He was pretty crabby this morning leading up to surgery because his last meal was right before midnight.  As you can see from the picture above he got an IV back to keep him hydrated until he’s allowed to eat again.  This is also the last picture of all his beautiful hair.  He’ll have at least part of the right side there shaved for surgery.  I’m tempted to shave the other side too and give him a spiky mohawk with all his fluffy top…LOL.

I spoke with the neurosurgeon this morning and we decided to go ahead with surgery because the fluid is still in his back, which poses a risk of rupture of his incision from the back surgery, and his head soft spot is getting less soft.  I feel peaceful about the surgery, but I was in tears for a few minutes while holding him.  He’s just such a little peanut and I can’t imagine someone operating on his tiny head.

I’m off to pray some more!


  1. My heart and prayers are with you Tristan. I have been keeping up with your updates and you have a beautiful little boy and I pray all will go well with his surgery. Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you lots!

  2. Tristan,
    I've been following you since I joined the TOS Crew last year. What a journey! Thank you for trusting use enough to share your heart. I am praying for your heart and Mason's head. ; ) Praying specifically for peace and joy in your journey and for guidance for doctor's hands!



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