Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Surgery Coming and General Updates


In Daddy’s arms

Today’s mostly over so I’m finally finding a moment to share our updates for the day.  It’s after dinner time and right now Mason is just looking up at me from my arms while I type.  I think he’s waiting for our read aloud time – we’re a few chapters into Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.  Here are today’s updates:

1. Mason is still nursing and supplementing with formula while we work on mommy’s milk supply.  He’s happy with bottle and breast so far. 

2. I’m working with the lactation consultants to become a better milk machine…LOL.  Right now we’re nursing on demand, pumping at night, taking fenugreek (herbal supplement), and I started a prescription for Reglan with my midwife’s approval today.  Once a night I have a power pumping session.  I choose a one hour show on tv and pump during the show taking breaks with the commercials.  Thank goodness for a tv in our room at Ronald McDonald House!


3. Mason is heading in to surgery between 8:30am and 1:00pm tomorrow morning unless his morning exam shows a decrease in fluid in his back.  Most likely his surgery will be in the earlier half of that time period.  He’ll be having a VP Shunt placed in his head with a catheter into the ventricles, and valve, and tubing from there down his neck/body internally to his abdomen to drain extra cerebrospinal fluid as needed.  If the surgery happens I’ll share more specifics in a separate post. 

4. With the probably surgery in the morning Mason gets an IV started at midnight and has his last meal then as well.  He has to be NPO, or nothing by mouth, from that point on.  The pump will be my breast best friend until he’s allowed to eat again post-op.

5. We’re expecting to do a series of casts on Mason’s feet in a few weeks to correct his bilateral clubfeet.  They’ll probably start with a series of 5 casts, changing the casts weekly.  Then we’ll see if they stay corrected or if we need to cast again or try something else.

6. Mason’s got some movement and muscle tone in his legs, but not a ton.  So far we’ve seen hip action – he pulls his legs up/in.  He’s got some thigh/hamstring muscle.  We’re not sure about knees, ankles, feet, and toes yet.


Trivia of the Day

How many pills can one postpartum mom take in a day?  Here’s a hint – right now I’m taking 6 medications or supplements.  Got a number in mind?  You might want to go a bit higher….

28-32 pills

Yes, really.  The variable is that I can take a few more pills for pain if I need it as I’m still recovering from my own major surgery.  So long as I feel good I only take 28 pills.


  1. Happy to hear about Mason's progress. I'll be checking to see what you find out about the hydrocephalus. Both of my boys have VP shunts. Continued prayers for you and Mason.


  2. You look great Tristan and so does Mason. I look forward to the next update.

  3. Hey Tristan! Sheri filled the former "First Mates" in about Mason and this blog. I stopped by the other day and "caught up" but wanted to take the time now to comment and say we are praying for you and Mason and your whole family. Congratulations! He's beautiful.

  4. You are so strong! It takes fierce dedication to do all the pumping you're doing! I remember the days of PICU pumping...Praying for Mason this morning. Thanks for the update, so we can all pray.

  5. You look so blissfully happy in that picture of you kissing Mason. Here's hoping each step moves you forward to bringing him home.


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