Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In Recovery Now!

Mason is out of surgery and in recovery now.  I’m not able to go back there, so I’m waiting at his NICU spot for them to bring him in a little bit.  Talked to Dr. J and the surgery went great, everything went where they wanted it to for tubing and it was draining.  We could get out of here as early as Friday if his recovery goes smoothly, though I’ll guess Saturday at the earliest to be safe. 

He’ll have a series of xrays today to check on things and a head ultrasound tomorrow, then just healing and rest.


  1. Im praying for that little blessing. I agree so small and it seems so odd for little peanuts to need surgery so small, however God's going to handle all this for ya! Im praying for you to Tristan I can't imagine the worry you must have and be facing... Love coming your way!! XOXO Hope the other kiddos are alright too!!

  2. I'm glad to hear that Mason's surgery went well!!


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