Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Split Personality?

I think I am starting to get a split personality.  Most of the time our day runs along as normal doing homeschool, cleaning, playing, cooking.  Then there are moments when thoughts interrupt and I begin listing in my head things we need to get done, what I need to pack for the hospital, menus and lists to write and put in a folder here at home to keep things running, and so on.  The interruptions come at random times – I may be reading to the children, cooking, or even waking up in the middle of the night.  It’s almost funny and without paper to write it all down I would be feeling even more scattered. 

Today, for example, I added to my hospital stay list the following items:

  • Pads for postpartum bleeding and a bottle of tylenol.
  • Mason’s notebook for keeping track of doctors, medicines, and information.
  • The charger for my cell phone.

I also remembered that I need to gather bill paying items (checkbook, stamps, envelopes) into a folder so that when bills come in they will get paid. 

Ah well, at least I’m thinking of these things now, while I’m home and can do something about them, right?


  1. I just am once again amazed by you. Mason is so heading to the perfect home.
    ps I know this is a weird of subject question but is your dishwasher fixed yet. When i read that it was broken I have worried about how you get all this housework stuff done as well.

  2. Tristan, I just found this blog of yours. I read your other one but just discovered this one. After reading several posts I have to say that little Mason will be in great hands with your family! I'm sure he's going to be a great blessing for you. It's been fun to read how you write about him. Like he's already here, personality and all. How wonderful that moms are able to 'know' their babies so well even in the womb!

    Well, I hope he comes safely and soon... but not TOO soon. Sweet angel baby!

  3. Hang in there and know that GOD is working in this situation. He loves Mason and knows that you are HIS family. I've been through some of this and you are handling things with such faith. YOu are amazing!

    The NICU is an awesome place. Those people KNOW what they are doing. Pump when you can but also don't wear yourself out. It's a journey not a sprint. Any breast milk he gets is better than none. IT is challenging to brestfeed when you are dealing with a child in the hospital. I already had problems with breastfeeding so I did it for a while.

    When I had to leave DD in the NICU I would pray for HF to send angles to be with her and keep her safe. I KNOW HE did. I think they protected her when she had a close call onday. We also put big head phones on her and let her listen to church music (primary songs). So she wouldn't feel alone.

    LOTS of blessings for strenght, energy, and just to know HE is with you.

    Good luck my friend.


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