Sunday, March 6, 2016

Scoliosis Brace - Night two report

Well, night two went better.  We made several changes that I think helped:
  1. We carefully put on Mason's brace, step by step, double checking everything.  This is a bit of a process, you have to put the brace on his body at a specific place and if you have it a little to high or a little to low it will still close but is pressing on the wrong places.  For example, on the left side there is a curve that pushes into his side.  It goes below his bottom rib and above his hip bone.  If we have it a little too high it pushes on his rib, if we have it a little too low is pushes on his hip bone.  Either can leave marks from the pressure.  So can tightening it too much, or an inappropriate fit (when he grows he'll need a new brace). 
  2. We made sure to only use a sheet for bedding instead of a fleece blanket.  This kept Mason at a better temperature so he didn't overheat.  We also made sure to pay attention to what clothing he was wearing so he didn't have too many layers.
  3. We didn't give Mason as many pillows as usual.
  4. We double checked with Mason, asking if he felt comfortable or if something was pushing him or squishing him and didn't feel good. 
Mason happily and easily went to sleep.  I woke several times to check on him, make sure he wasn't too hot or cold, and to check the circulation in his toes (especially the foot in a cast).  Around 1:30am it was time to cath Mason.  We do have to remove the brace completely to access his pants waistband and diaper.  And on this night he was already a bit wet so the diaper itself needed changed.  Mason woke up so we were able to ask how he was feeling, if anything hurt or was uncomfortable, etc.  We took off all his clothing to check his skin for pressure areas and found none.  After cathing Mason reminded us to put on his sleeping brace again, so we know he was okay with it, and we did. 

Mason slept the rest of the night peacefully and woke up at 7:00am.  We removed the brace and his clothing and diaper to check his skin again.  This time we did notice a pink area along the side/bottom of one thigh, where the edge of the brace is and his leg rests on it.  The pink disappeared within the 20 minute window we're told to check it.  We will keep an eye on this area and discuss having it trimmed down a bit when we return to the orthotist in 2 weeks.

We're glad the second night went better and thankful for Mason's easygoing cheerfulness at new things.

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