Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mason Updates: Surgeries Scheduled

While we don't have all the answers yet to issues Mason is facing we do have some updates so I thought I would share in this very quick post!
  • He is scheduled for foot surgery just before Valentine's Day.  Basically, his right foot tendons have tightened up again and so his foot points similar to a ballerina dancer.  Mason had this surgery done once before (along with a hip tendon release).  This time our orthopedic surgeon will be more aggressive in how much he cuts the tendons.
  • Mason will have his double eye surgery not quite a month later. 
  • He has his evaluation to make a plan with a physical therapist in a week. 
  • For Mason's scoliosis we're having a custom brace made that his orthopedic surgeon wants him to sleep in at night.  This will not 'fix' the scoliosis and reverse it.  The goal with the bracing is to slow the progression of his curvature.   
  • We also are investigating the possibility of a tethered spinal cord - first test is this Thursday: Urodynamics.  Often one early symptom of tethered cord issues is seen as changes to the bladder's function.
So there you go!  Life is moving swiftly and we are going to roll with it. 

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