Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas and Updates

The year is nearly over.  We have been enjoying lots of family time during the Christmas season.  This is a picture we took of the kids Christmas morning. 

One fun memory of Mason I want to record here:  This year he has been adamant that we bake a cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday (Christmas).  Even better, he is sure that Jesus loves chocolate cake the best - so that is what we needed to make.  It was delicious and Mason loved helping to mix the ingredients.

Mason continues to have a few concerning issues and we have appointments coming up for those (vision/eyes, foot contracture) as well as checkups with his entire team of specialists all in the next few weeks.  Developmentally, however, he's doing fantastic.  We are getting ready to celebrate his birthday and I'm not quite sure how he's about to turn 4 years old!  He is articulate, opinionated, and funny.

The most recent medical happening was last Monday when he had his next IV infusion for his osteoporosis. He does really well with the medication, which we are grateful for.  It did take 4 attempts before they were able to get an IV started, which stinks.  His veins are just not great, no matter how hydrated he is.  We always make IV attempts in his feet first so that he doesn't feel it.

I'll update again soon!

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