Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wheelies, Picking up Toys, and a Video

How about some Mason updates? 
My cutie pie is growing and learning new things on his own schedule.  The newest skill is likely to give me gray hairs - wheelies. 

That's right, Mason is a little daredevil.  We've raised his anti-tip bars to accommodate his wheelie fun so he can tip further back. 

While these pictures are cute, wouldn't you like to see a video?  Mason was happy to do one this morning.  Enjoy!

I also had someone ask about if Mason can pick things up from the floor when in his wheelchair.  The answer is it depends!  If he has his tray on the wheelchair he cannot reach anything on the floor.  However when the tray is off he can lean down to grab things so long as they are not flat on the floor.  So a toy car would be easier to pick up than a piece of paper. 

 He was feeling extra cooperative this morning when I got the camera out so I got a few pictures of him picking up toys from the floor. 

Here is the first toy pickup.  It was pretty easy, a Duplo tree that is a few inches tall.

The second was a Duplo train piece, shorter to the floor and therefore harder to reach.  As you can see, he is able to reach to the floor, thank goodness for seatbelts!  He uses his wheel or armrest with the hand not holding the toy to help sit back up because his core is not quite strong enough to do it without one hand helping.  We're working on those muscles!


  1. Rock Star!!!! This is an awesome post....even though I gasped when I saw his wheelchair in the air!
    I hope you are doing well, too, Tristan. I have been thinking of you non-stop.


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