Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Of Cast Changes and Merman Goodbyes

Today Mason and I went back to the orthopedic surgeon to have the cast placed yesterday removed and redone.  Our surgeon agreed, the cast the other doctor placed was not the right way to handle it and would ultimately cause more harm.  He wanted the green cast off right away.

The wonderful news is that Mason's hip is healing extremely well and so Dr. K decided we can do daily stretches to the hip instead of a long leg cast and merman wrap.  Mason only has a short cast now for the last two weeks of healing on the heel tendons and NO more wrapping up like a merman!  This will also help the other leg's skin recover from the damage of the soft cast. 

Mason is beyond thrilled to be so mobile again! He chose a dark purple for this cast.  And Mommy has learned an important lesson:  Always have doctors that are not Mason's regular doctors check in with the real doctor before making any changes if they won't listen to Mom.  ;)


  1. What wonderful news!!! So glad to hear he can finally be mobile again. Praying he continues to heal quick.

  2. It is SO good to see Mason in that smaller cast! I have been where you are.....and YES, asking for your doctor's input is a must. Doctors should listen more to the Mama! I am so glad you were able to get to see Mason's doctor and get this change made!!


  3. Wonderful news! I had read the other post first but as I received both posts in my mail this morning I decided to hold commenting on the other in favor of seeing what his regular doctor had done to fix the problem (I was sure that you'd get the appointment as you're one dedicated and determined mother). So glad that Mason has mobility again and is healing so well!!!

  4. Mom always knows when something isn't right and Dr's need to listen! So glad all is straightened out now.

  5. Yay for Mommy! If you find the cast abrasive, just put a sock on it. That's what I did when my baby had casts on both arm!


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