Friday, June 20, 2014

Which Knee Pads?

I had a reader request a direct link to the knee pads we're using for Mason.  As it is something I looked for recommendations on myself and found none I think sharing is a great idea. 

We purchased this Strider Knee and Elbow Pad Set on Amazon.  Mason wears the smaller elbow pads on his knees right now.  Eventually he'll grow into the actual knee pads but for now these are working well.  The straps are Velcro which makes them adjustable.  The knee pads are hard and have taken a beating quite well so far.  Mason had been getting bloody knees and legs from crawling on and across the sidewalk that goes down the middle of our backyard.  Now he's able to play without injury.  We do have to watch that they don't get caught on something and slip down off his knees (it happens occasionally). 

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