Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mason in Glasses!

Today was a big day for Mason - glasses day!  He's handsome and rocking the studious look.
Why yes, he really is that adorable.  I noticed that too.

The whole time we were at the hospital he left the glasses on (we had two appointments). 
This is the face he makes when he finds the elevator.  It is his job to find the elevators we need and he takes that pretty seriously. 
In other news the healing of his bottom goes well and the plastic surgeon doesn't need to see us for a whole month.  You have no idea how exciting that is!  We have been making a weekly trek in for silver nitrate applications on top of regular appointments. 
Now that we are home Mason thinks glasses are optional.  Of course, he's just barely 2 years old!  So I'll be following him around all day repeating the mantra "Glasses on unless you're sleeping." 


  1. What sweet pictures, Tristan! He looks so handomse!

  2. Oh my, he's so handsome! And that 'studious' photo is great! He might really like being able to see better, so he might surprise you and start wearing his glasses more often soon. Too cute!


  3. SO cute! Spencer had to get glasses when he was three for the same reason Mason needed them (overcompensating with focusing). It didn't take long for him get used to them.

  4. Oh, dear. He is so amazingly adorable!!!!!! The glasses just fit him!

  5. He is the cutest little thing; I just want to hug that sweet little fellow! He'll be keeping the glasses on before you know it.

    My dd6 got glasses when she was barely a year old. I remember how studious and sweet she looked. The interesting thing was how her personality changed when she could actually see. She was flighty and wouldn't sit still or look at anything (books, animals, etc), but once she got glasses, she would sit and listen to stories and watch a ladybug crawl and wouldn't cry at meal times.

  6. So, so cute! Our son, Lane, got glasses when he was 2 1/2. He is now 5. He has always kept them on his face since the beginning - it was so obvious how much they helped him! I hope Mason will do the same for you too.

  7. He looks so cute! My youngest had eye surgery for this reason, and now glasses. If you have a Walmart with a vision center in it, I would recommend them. His frames were only $9, lenses for $30, and free replacement warranty. This last year we replaced the frames 4 times for free. They know him personally now :) Mason will adjust soon enough. Logan was almost 2 when he got his glasses. It took about 2 weeks of special movie time, extra book time, coloring time, whatever it took to sidetrack him from noticing he had them on. Good Luck!


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