Saturday, September 28, 2013

Joyful Mason, a Cutie

While there are many uncertainties going on related to Mason at the moment health-wise he has no idea.  He is as joyful as ever and I thought it would be fun to share some recent pictures.  This collage is Mason attempting wheelchair basketball. 9.26 We purchased this basketball hoop for a few reasons.  First, it adjusts from 2-4 feet, just under the size of our other indoor basketball hoop.  This brings it down to the perfect height for Mason to play basketball in his wheelchair.  It is a great opportunity for Mason to strengthen his trunk/core as he uses both hands to throw.  I have to say it becomes very obvious to me just how far he has to go yet when he’s playing basketball.  He is still not throwing the ball most of the time, more dropping it in the hoop.  On the occasions when he is too far back to reach the hoop he leans forward and collapses, unable to hold his upper body without using his hands. 

100_5174Mason finally attached to a lovey out of the blue one day.  This bear is super soft and snuggly and he sleeps with it in his arms.  He was giving Bear a ride on this day.

100_5165Mason seems to think anyone on the floor is fair game as a climbing gym.  He was climbing on me and snuggling.  Too cute!

100_5144This picture really shows Mason’s personality.  He loves his baby brother Samuel and will do anything it takes to reach out and touch him, even when we tell him too let Samuel sleep.  This picture also is a great representation of what I meant when I said he collapses forward when leaning.  He is laying on the swing because he can’t support his trunk with just his abs and back muscles.  To get up from this he uses his hands and pushes up on the foot plate or frame of the wheelchair.

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. What a good job you're doing finding the joyful moments even in a time of crisis.

  2. What a cutie. Thanks so much for sharing the day to day of your family. I look forward to each milestone with Mason and I am enriched by it all.

  3. Love the basketball pics, I have very similar pictures of Caleb at that age. :)

  4. It is so amazing to see how far he's come. Seems like yesterday he was learning to roll over!

  5. When I see him playing wheelchair basketball it makes me think of my son. He played wheelchair basketball from 8yrs old until he was 20. I see a future wheelchair basketball star! He looks like he is unstoppable!


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