Monday, July 29, 2013

Climbing onto Furniture

I mentioned in my last post that we got something new for Mason.  We have been looking for a soft ramp for Mason that would help him get up onto the furniture.  Our goal is always to help him be independent and at 18 months old he desperately wants to climb up on the furniture when he wants to.  We searched online for a ramp similar to the ones found in soft play areas like this:

softShapeSet-mainOf course these sets cost hundreds of dollars and we need a wedge/ramp shape that is high enough to get him onto the furniture.  Nobody sells these soft play areas in separate pieces that we can find, though we were still researching. 

Today we happened to see this foam bed wedge at the wheelchair vendor.  This 12” height is as tall as it gets and was a grand total of $34.  We bought it not sure if it would work.  The angle is a bit steep but we hoped with some practice Mason would get strong enough to use it. 

7.29Why do I doubt?  Mason quickly understood just what this wedge offered him – the opportunity to get up on furniture any time he wanted.  7.291He was determined to climb it.

7.292It isn’t easy.  The fabric is too slick so we tried it without the cover and that is a bit easier.   

IMG_20130729_125009Can you imagine the possibilities this will bring for Mason to strengthen his upper body and abs?  I’m completely in awe that he can muscle his way up already and I know with a few weeks practice it will get easier because he will get stronger.  That will translate into strength in other activities like sitting.  It’s a good cycle where improvement in one area can help other areas.  Yay!

Later I put the cover back on and pinned a terry cloth beach towel to it.  That’s the best yet, Mason doesn’t slip nearly as much and it protects the foam from being torn.  I’m going to make a trip to the fabric store to find the perfect material to make a cover that isn’t slippery once I get brave enough to try and sew one.  For now the towel works and Mason is one happy little guy.


  1. how exciting! let me know if you'd like me to stitch it up for you. :) the kids could have fun playing together while i worked on it for you. :)



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