Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Small Updates and Cute Pictures

100_1428Things have been pretty quiet for Mason since our last update.  I heard today that his HKAFO custom parts are ready and the fitting will take about 3 hours.  Yikes!  That is an appointment I don’t want to bring any of the other kids along to so I’m only able to schedule for a Monday when Daddy will be home to watch the rest – and one when Mason does not already have appointments.  Next available – February 18th!  A whole month from now.  100_1422In the mean time we’ve reached a milestone – it has been 2 months since his last brain surgery!  This shunt seems to be working well and we’re praying it stays that way. 

Other highlights:











We are seeing Mason use two hands to play while sitting for brief moments (about 5-8 seconds).  Progress is progress!  His abdominal and back muscles are getting stronger and his balance improves.










He still tries to pull up on the couch by brute strength.  More and more we find him in this kneeling position.   He sits there with his hands for balance for a while.  100_1427He has started trying to clap.  Yes, just now.  Remember it’s hard to clap with two hands when you can’t sit without using those hands to hold yourself up.

We are still struggling in the solid foods department and by solids all I really mean are pureed foods.  Mason eats 2-3 times a day but it is very hit or miss if he’ll love it or hate it.  We’re playing around with flavors, temperatures, and textures but there is no real predictable pattern to what he likes.  He still is getting his main nutrition from his special formula. 

I think those are the main updates for now!


  1. Our baby boys are almost the same age (Jan 2nd for my fella), and he has also JUST started to learn to clap.... and he's been walking since he was 10 months old. I am just amazed at all the progress your little bub has made!! How does he do all that without control of his legs?! I am always amazed at how driven little babies are to learn, but I think also that all the hard work you do with him (exercises and so on) are really paying off. He's so cute! I love reading your blog. Mason is in my prayers, and the wee one you're looking forward too.
    Christine (proud mom of 8, Ontario, Canada)

  2. love all those pictures of Mason. I am a homeschooling mom of 3 ages 8,8 and 14 and my youngest sister has spina bifada.She can walk for short distances up to 1 mile but any more than that she uses and electronic wheelchair. God Bless You,Mason,and your entire family
    - Rachel


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