Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tucker Sling and Wedge–Tummy Time Helper

Mason’s physical therapist called today while she was in our area.  A wedge with a Tucker Sling became available, would we like to try it out?  Yes!  She dropped it off a few minutes later. 100_8646The premise behind using a wedge for some of Mason’s tummy time is simple:  The closer he is to upright the less he has to fight gravity to lift his head and look around.  100_8644As his muscles get stronger we decrease the incline, moving him closer to flat on his tummy. 100_8651Mason loved it and did pretty well holding his head up and tracking back and forth as his many siblings tried to entertain him.  100_8652My plan is to give him a week like this before we begin adjusting the incline.  Then every week I’ll adjust it closer and closer to level.  We will still do tummy time on the floor as well each day because he works more/different muscles when he’s not strapped in.  On the floor he’s able to use his hips to pull his legs under him and try creeping forward.  It’s important that he is able to get that practice in too.


  1. He is so cute!! It is great to see him doing so well!

  2. What a sweet smile...I just love baby smiles!

  3. I can't get over how cute he is!

  4. Such a cute baby! He looks like he enjoys the wedge. Such a cutie!


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