Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cathing Changes–Back to 12 hours

100_8411Just a quick note about how catheter life is going for Mason.  The urologist had us try cathing once every 24 hours but we were getting too much urine with that schedule, so we’re back to cathing twice a day (morning and evening).  Mason pees a ton on his own still, but the goal of cathing is to clear out residual urine completely each day to avoid infection. 

At the end of next month Mason will go in to Children’s for a urodynamics study on his bladder/bowel.  It will give us more information about how his bladder is working.  Mason has neurogenic bladder (and most likely neurogenic bowel).  Basically, nerve damage was done to his bladder when his spinal cord was open, it’s part and parcel of many spina bifida patients’ lives.  Sometimes that means the bladder has spasms, which need controlled with medication to avoid urine backing up into the kidneys and causing infections and kidney damage.  Sometimes there are issues with incontinence or an inability to empty the bladder completely.  We’ll learn more about Mason’s specific issues as he grows, and the urodynamics study is one step along that path.

All in all life is going wonderfully well.

We feel so blessed to have Mason as a part of our family!  He’s a strong, sweet spirit you can’t help but love.  He makes everything look easy and we feel the power of the many prayers that have been and are still being offered in his behalf.  God is awesome! 


  1. I, too, love that hair!! Thanks for the update. He is such a cutie. I am glad he is such a sweet spirit. God gave him some character bonuses so he could deal with all the physical struggles he will have, with God's help. Continued prayers.

  2. What a solid little man! :) So cute!

    I'm glad there haven't been any infections--a blessing indeed.

  3. I love the red hair...and the super chunky cheeks. He definately looks healthy! Good job!

  4. Mason is cute! I remember those braces! We got lots of funny looks and comments at the grocery store when Lily had to wear them all day. Glad to read how well Mason is doing.


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