Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pictures at One Month Old

100_8233Yesterday was a busy day so I’m just now getting these pictures posted.  Mason turned a whole month old yesterday!  He’s an absolute joy to be around.  100_8235He makes some funny faces and sounds though – one is almost a little horse whinny.

He’s healing more and more from the surgeries so here are updated pictures of his head where the shunt went in: 100_8250And his back, which was closed on the day he was born a month ago:  100_8251I also had an experience yesterday that I’ll share soon.  Pretty much a cashier said some things that I just couldn’t let slide and I explained in not-so-polite ways why she was wrong.  Ahem.  I’m not proud of the way I handled it, but I’m all for being open and honest here about our journey, so I’ll be sharing it.


  1. I can't believe he is a month old! What a blessing!

  2. He is just bright-eyed and beautiful! What a blessing!


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