Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Healing Incisions in Pictures

This evening while sponge-bathing Mason we took a few pictures of his various incisions as mile markers in the healing process. Today Mason is exactly 3 weeks old.  That means he is exactly 3 weeks out from his back closure surgery.  Here is his back today: 100_8204And for a refresher, you can see it at birth (open and minutes old) in this post and at 3.5 days out from surgery in this post.

Today he is exactly 2 weeks out from his VP Shunt surgery, which consisted of two incisions (head and abdomen).  Here is Mason’s head incision today: 100_8206And his abdomen incision, which has healed so quickly and well it’s hard to see, it’s the faint white horizontal scar. 100_8199Hooray for healing!  We’re praying everything continues to heal well in the coming days and weeks.

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