Saturday, January 14, 2012

Celebrating a Few Firsts

I wanted to record a few firsts today so I don’t forget them.  They’re not anything I would have ever made a big deal of with previous babies, but for Mason they’re small celebrations.

First diaper changed by Mommy – Yes, I’m already taking over some diaper changes from the nurses.  It’s something I took for granted with my other babies.  For Mason it involves wiping him clean, checking that his poop shield has kept any mess off the bandage on his back, and rediapering carefully to avoid messing with his umbilical cord stump in front and bandage in back. 

First time nursing – I’ve not nursed every baby and I’ll be honest, I had not decided to nurse Mason until a few weeks before he was born.  After a good bit of prayer I realized that at least for this beginning period Mason needs every advantage he can get – including the antibodies, immunities, and yummy goodness of mommy’s milk.  The nurses and doctors here in the NICU have been wonderful encouragement.  They treat any amount of breast milk like liquid gold and take the time to feed even a single milliliter to a baby if it is available. 

First leaked diaper – This is a celebration!  Earlier this afternoon I went to change Mason’s diaper only to find he had leaked through the diaper, all over the blanket, and through the egg-crate mattress.  Soaked!  He hated getting cleaned up from all of that but we’re thrilled he’s peeing on his own. 


  1. Reading your post remind me so much of our time spent at NICU nearly 7 years ago. I know it seems like so much right now, but it does come second nature, just like caring for your other babies. God Bless and I hope all continues to go well

  2. Tristan - God bless you and sweet Mason. I am in awe of your strength and thorough understanding of Mason's needs.


  3. Great updates!!! Sounds like everything is going well, all things considered. Continuing to pray for you guys!!

    What's in store now for Mason? Is it just healing from surgery or is there more going on before you guys get to go home?

  4. Wow!!! Congratulations Tristan and baby Mason. He is so cute!!! He looks like the rest of your babies. Thank you so much for taking the time to share Mason's journey. Lately, tons of articles keep coming my way about special needs babies. Above Rubies magazine (free) just did their latest edition on the blessings of special children. Seeing how perfect, beautiful, and precious Mason is, is just the images people need to see when they are confronted with termination b/c of a less than "perfect" baby. Unconditional love is such a beautiful sight in a fallen world. God bless you Jason, Mason and all the rest of your children. You are doing terrific!!!!

  5. I am just now getting caught up on Mason's arrival, and I can't tell you how emotional I am reading the updates! I am just so pleased he's here, and so very very proud of you for how you are doing with your recovery, and your efforts for him. Good job with the pumping around the clock! Mason is so beautiful. I know everyone says that to a mama of a new baby, but he is *so* beautiful, seriously! What a gorgeous baby boy! So glad he is doing well and getting time snuggled up with you. Continuing to pray!

  6. Oh Tristian, he is beautiful... fearfully and wonderfully made!!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May the Creator be glorified and honored as you walk each day in His marvelous light. Hallelu Yah! =) Blessings to you and yours =)

  7. Just wanted you to know I continue to pray for Mason and you and the whole family. Hugs. God Bless. Great update.... little milestones, but wonderful just the same.

  8. As a nurse, I'm so glad to read that he is peeing, pooping, and nursing!
    As a Mom, I get tears in my eyes remembering the NICU days. Even after being part of that world professionally for so many years - I still felt lost in the regiment.
    thank you so much for updates. We are still praying for you.


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