Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet Baby Picture Today–3D!

ROWLEETRISTAN20110929133404623I got to see Mason today – it was ultrasound day!  Even better - the sonographer decided to try a 3D ultrasound to see if she could get a better picture of Mason’s spine.  That didn’t work out, but while she had the 3D ultrasound running she showed me around and gave me this sweet photo of Mason’s face, with a little fist in by his cheek. 

He was moving a lot, so it was hard to get good measurements today, but everything looks to be right on track with Mason weighing about 1 pound 5 ounces.  So far there he is not developing hydrocephalis (fluid backing up around the brain) which is wonderful.  The longer he can grow in my womb the better off he’ll be.

I met a second perinatologist today, chatted up what we could see on ultrasound, answered questions.  I got a bit of a laugh when he asked if this was my first boy.  The poor guy had obviously reviewed Mason’s information but not mine.  He about fell off his stool when I said Mason is my 5th boy.  Then I gleefully told him I have two girls at home as well.  He added it up out loud and then wanted to know how old my oldest was and if I had any multiples (twins).  “So you’ve pretty much been pregnant all the time for the last 10 years?” he asked.  “Yep.”  “Well it seems to work for you.”

My next 3 ultrasounds are now scheduled, and I’ll be meeting the neonatologist at the hospital who will be the one caring for Mason as soon as he is delivered (and up until he is transferred to Children’s for surgery).  All in all everything is going ‘normally’ outside of the spina bifida, chiari malformation and bilateral clubfeet, which is what we want.  The plan is to enjoy the next four weeks and then go check on Mason with another ultrasound, so I’m off to do just that!


  1. So sweet Tristan! I know you just love him already! ♥

  2. Such a sweet pose!

    I'm glad Mason seems to be well. (Stay that way Mason!!)

  3. Mason looks wonderful! Going through a high risk pregnancy had it's ups and downs, for sure - seeing my sweet twins by ultrasound every week was definitely one of the "ups!"

  4. I hope I was not one of the ones who said something stupid to you. I too reside in Holland. It is nice for all it's own reasons. We are praying for Baby Mason daily as a family. Glad to know you can blog about this as well. WE will be reading.

    So glad you to know that Heavenly Father will walk this journey with you the whole time. Daily he has held me up when life got hard. I KNOW HE will hold you and your families hands as well. HE's there, HE lives and HE loves you for your heart and for choosing Mason.

    PM me anytime you want to.

  5. He's beautiful! A very dear homeschool friend of mine has a 6 year old son with spina bifida. I will be praying for your family as you count down the days until you meet your precious Mason, and for your health and his.

  6. What a cutie pie! We'll be praying for his continued growth and good progress!

  7. Thank you for blogging about your journey. I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child and found out at 26 weeks he had "probable" spina bifida. At 28 weeks, it was confirmed that he does indeed have sb starting at L4, chiari malformation, and bilateral club feet. While he has not yet had hydrocephalus, I don't hold out much hope that he won't develop it, especially after surgery. They are concerned with his head right now because it's on the smallest end of normal. It's a blessing to be able to read another's journey through all this. Prayers to you and your family!


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