Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Quiet Blog Means...

Life has been moving along on a pretty even keel.  Mason really has not had any major medical changes.  He had his 2 month checkup last week to see how the new glasses are working out with the bifocals (just great, he learned to use them with no problem).  Urology has some checkups scheduled near the end of this month because he is leaking more often between cathing.  We want to check bladder pressure, look for reflux, and see if it is time to increase his dose of Ditropan. 

The big news is that this week Mason begins Bowel Management Clinic!  Basically, while Mason has a bowel management program that works (cone enema nightly paired with daily dose of Miralax), we are wanting to see if there are any ways to tweak this to be more effective for his body.  Right now our enema gets poop out IF:
  1. His poop is soft - thanks to Miralax.
  2. He coughs or does other abdominal tightening pushing to actually get the fluid and poop to flush out.  If he doesn't cough the fluid will leak out in bits but not with enough movement to bring the poop along with it. 
So we're hoping to use a different solution in the enema (something more irritating to his colon to hopefully provoke it to actually do some rhythmic contracting to move things out).  We're also hoping to try a different setup than the cone because the cone has to be held in place by mom/dad and we want to work toward something more independent for Mason to use.  There are a few possibilities so I don't know what we will end up with. 

I'll update more as we get through clinic!

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  1. Happy to read that life is going good. May we see a bright and smiling face picture? That smile is contagious. Thank you.


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