Friday, May 22, 2015

Eye Checkup Time!

Yesterday Mason visited his developmental ophthalmologist for his yearly checkup and new glasses.  Last year Mason got glasses to help correct the over focusing of his left eye that causes it to turn inward.  These glasses have worked well for Mason, though within a minute or two of removing the glasses his eye will turn inward again.  It does it when he is focusing closer in, not when looking far away. 

The appointment was long.  First you have a basic exam with the nurse and the doctor.  Then they dilate your eyes, sending you out to the waiting room to let the eye drops take effect.  Then you go back in for a second eye exam.  Diagnosis happens.  Then you take your new prescription next door to order glasses.  All of which took two and a half hours.  Thankfully I knew what to expect and we had packed things to do and a full lunch.

In true Mason fashion nothing stays quite the same.  His eye prescription is a little bit stronger this time around.  He also will be getting one bifocal lens!  The doctor feels that the left eye could use the extra support of the bifocal when looking at things close up because his eye is beginning to turn in a bit even with the glasses when doing activities like drawing or looking at things up close.

Mason knew he would be getting new glasses today and we had been talking about color choices.  For several weeks he had said he was picking black frames.  In the end that is exactly what he chose! All those color chips above were his options for the Miraflex frames.  He tried on quite a few colors, a few different frame shapes too.  Mason actually still fits his orange frames so we have decided to get new lenses put into them as well.  He'll have two pair of glasses available just in case something happens to the first pair.

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