Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Braces at Last and other general updates.

 All pictures in this post are from today - Mason showing off his new braces.
Mason's days have been pretty normal with no major updates for over a month so this blog has been quiet for a while.  Since he turned 3 in January we have seen some fun fine motor development.  Mason now colors purposefully instead of scribbling.  He colors in different parts of a coloring page, still going outside the lines, but you can tell he was coloring something specific.  He is also beginning to draw his own pictures and tell you all about them. 

While we have been waiting for new HKAFO braces to be built Mason has spent his days usually evenly split between using his wheelchair and not.  He has gotten stronger and one of the best evidences of that is his ability to climb.  He now can climb from the floor onto the dining room chairs and up onto the table.  Last month Mason had his second IV infusion for his osteoporosis.  It was done outpatient and they were able to get an IV started in his foot after a few attempts. 

Today was a happy day because Mason got his new HKAFOs.  We drive to the orthotist's office early in the afternoon and after a few hours of building, adjusting, and trying on the braces were ready to come home with us. 

In a week or two we will go back and the orthotist will make any further adjustments we think Mason needs.  That could be adding padding, straps, or cutting and trimming things.

Mason is so happy to be able to use his Rifton Dynamic Stander again!

In one other bit of news Mason is happy that he is going to be a big brother again this coming fall.  He is a great big brother to Samuel and a good little brother to his 6 older siblings.


  1. Congratulations on another baby!!!!!!

  2. I checked a week or two ago and saw you hadn't updated. So glad Mason is doing well. I've been following since the very first days! Congrats on the new baby!


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