Friday, November 22, 2013

Post-Surgery: Tummy Time and a Wheelchair Video

Life is a little busy right now keeping Mason happily engaged on his tummy when we can and in the wheelchair when we can’t.  We are especially nervous because the glue covering his surgical site fell off after 24 hours, about 13 days too early.  We’re supposed to be avoiding scooting on his bottom for 21 days and I have to say that is not easy with an active boy.  Mason does not just sit around doing nothing.  He won’t even zone out and watch cartoons, I’ve tried.  He moves.  He explores.  He wears me out.

Today we were surprised to find a package on the porch that had obviously been hand-delivered and included a sweet note.  "Dear Mason, We hope you heal quickly!  Here is something you might like to play with on your tummy.  Love, Some Friends" That cool toy is a Crayola 2-in-1 Mess Free Doodle Board.  One side is a sealed blue gel painting surface, the other is a white water board and it comes with a double ended pen.  You put a little water inside and the red end of the pen has a sponge to draw on the white side.  The orange end is perfect for drawing on the gel side {or you can use your finger}.  As you can see Mason adores it!  I’m grateful for sweet anonymous angels who reach out to make tummy time more appealing for him. 

Mason is spending a lot more time in his wheelchair and enjoying it.  I am so glad he is willing.  Up until now we have been limiting his wheelchair time per doctor’s orders so I wasn’t sure if he would love or hate spending hours using it every day.  I should have known he would love it.  He is getting into things at a new height and learning to help in new ways.

Here is a video of Mason helping in the kitchen.  He loves getting things out of the refrigerator or putting them back for me.  If you listen closely you’ll hear him speak.  He’s not in too big a hurry to talk but we are hearing more words every week.

There is a down side to the wheelchair.  Mason is leaving a trail of messes behind that he can’t pick up from the wheelchair.  We’ve been consistent in teaching him to pick up after himself when on the floor but I don’t know how to help him learn to pick up when he can’t reach the floor.  When I leave the trail of messes for too long, thinking he can pick up when he gets out of the wheelchair, it begins to make it hard to get around for him.  Things get under his wheels and he gets stuck. 

It has also opened my eyes to a few house related issues but those are thoughts for another day!

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  1. Do you think Mason has enough strength in his hands to squeeze on of those pincer like thinks that seniors use to pick up fallen objects? I'm not sure how much an almost 2 yr old can do Anyway, hope his tush is healing rapidly.


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