Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post Surgery!

100_5389Right now this is what Mason is doing.  Sweet boy is all done with his 6th shunt revision.  He and I have been watching Cars and snuggling and he finally gave up and fell asleep. 

100_5382Here he is before surgery this morning.  Bear came along to help Mason today.  The IV team started his IV and only blew one vein in the process.  Mason cried but laid willingly while they worked, snuggling Bear and Mommy. 

100_5384When Dr. G came in he had to mark the surgery site.  He drew Mason a pirate ship, which I took this picture of so Mason could see it.  Too fun!

According to Dr. G the shunt was clogged and only a trickle of fluid could get through the catheter in his brain.  They changed that out and now we wait to see if that fixes everything or not.  We’re hoping to head home tomorrow.


  1. I'm so glad everything went smoothly. We stopped everything at 10:00 this morning and said a special prayer for him. We'll continue to pray that he keeps healing well and that you guys can get home tomorrow.

  2. Seriously, the boat is a delight. If you have to have your head operated on, at the very least you should get a pirate ship!!! I hope that all is well for the time being.


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