Friday, February 22, 2013

Getting into Things and Updates

100_1750Just thought I would share some updates on Mason today.  First, as this picture shows, he is enjoying getting into things.  That green bin holds some of his toys and he took great delight in emptying it.100_1754He does this when he’s ready to get out of the wheelchair.

We received the official reports in the mail from Mason’s brain and spinal MRI last Friday.  Our neurosurgeon sent them in case we wanted to have specifics beyond our chat about the results.  Even with all the reading and studying I’ve done there are things I’m needing to look up.  Doctors truly speak and write in their own language!  The gist of what I’ve learned from the report so far is that Mason’s brain does indeed extend down into his neck vertebrae to about the 3rd vertebrae, that his brain has some abnormalities in shape (I’m still trying to understand which parts), and that most things look as expected for his diagnosis.  His spinal vertebrae begin showing a defect (cracks/opening at L3), there are some nerves going into odd places in this spot, and so on. 100_1768This morning I was lotioning Mason after cathing and diapering.  Halfway through dressing he rolled away and sat up.  See how pleased he was with himself?  100_1804The last few days Mason realized he can play with his feet.  Of course it means I’m having to check his feet to see if he’s bitten them hard enough to draw blood because he can’t feel his feet.  We are trying to keep thick socks on as an extra layer of protection.

One last thing I don’t have a picture of.  Mason has figured out how to roll backwards in the dynamic stander.  Now he can roll up to a wall and instead of being stuck he can back up.  So neat to watch him figuring things out!


  1. That is so amazing! Love ebing able to follow along with his progress since we aren't close enought to visit often.

  2. Clever, clever boy! Thank you so much for sharing all these lovely videos! Our little bubs are both about the same age and from your pictures and videos, Mason looks just as happy and busy and determined and adorable as our Mathijs. Children are so amazing. If we adults have a physical difficulty, we are prone to feeling sorry for ourselves, huh? Not little children! (Matt 18:3) We can learn so much from those little blessings.
    Christine (proud mommy of 8, Ontario)

  3. Love it! He looks so happy. Such a good age for discoveries and exploration. I still can't get over how awesome that Bumbo wheelchair is. If I am not mistaken I think that he has accomplished more with it at this age than you had originally expected-he is truly amazing.

  4. I love that pleased look on his face when he sat up! He really is a cutie. I love hearing about all the progress he's making.


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