Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Practice Rolling Over and a Bumbo Wheelchair Update

Would it surprise you to know I get giddy every morning when Mason wakes up? I find myself singing little songs about how we get to go take his shoes off for the day. I love it! I see a difference in Mason’s enjoyment of tummy time too. He’s more comfortable and is working at that whole rolling thing like the strong man he is. 7.31He gets tips to one side, lays down, and tries twisting that upper body. Of course his legs generally don’t cooperate and he can’t muscle them over with brute strength just yet. He gives you this look that says “A little help, please?” and then with a bit of support he makes it: 100_0100 Ta Da!

Of course then he wants back on his belly for a few minutes and then process begins all over.

In other news, Mason’s Bumbo Wheelchair is nearly completed. momdad 104

Family is such a blessing and between Daddy’s internet ordering for parts and Grandpa and Great Grandpa’s engineering and manufacturing skills they’ve built a wonderful first wheelchair. A few final tweaks and then we just need to wait for Mason to get a bit older and ready to use it. He will most likely figure out how to use it between 14 and 18 months.

I have to double check but I believe materials for the Bumbo

chair were at most $150 dollars, and if you found a used Bumbo it could be less.  I have to be honest, I don’t understand why companies like ZipZac are charging $900 (on sale!) for the same sort of thing.  You find the same thing with regular wheelchairs – the prices are astronomical for something that a child will outgrow every few years. 


  1. I'm loving these updates! And I love that he has a first wheel chair that didn't cost an arm & a leg. Maybe you guys can create designs that you can sell on your page for inexpensive so that people don't have to spend the ridiculous amounts!

    Just an idea. I'm sure there are many others that would like to know how to make one but don't have the engineering to figure it out themselves. :)

  2. This is wonderful! I think it's great that you all are finding a creative way to do this--it is great to post it and show others what you have come up with.

    Looks like Mason is doing really well! We are so happy for him!

  3. It looks so good!!! I can't wait to see him using it!

  4. I am so glad you have wonderful family to make this for you. The first thing I thought when I saw that baby wheelchair was researching how to make one b/c the parts themselves are relatively cheap. I'm so glad it worked out for you.

  5. Mason is getting so big!!Rolling practice like a champ!Love his wheels too!They will be great for him to keep up with all the siblings :)

  6. My daughter was born with SB, she's now 15 months old and we're looking into a ZipZac, but not the most affordable. How did this chair work out for Mason? Do you have any specs for the homemade chair? Where did you order the wheels? I'm going to see what it will take to make one and put Grandpa to work. Thanks in advance.

  7. Angela, the chair worked out great! Mason can technically still fit it at 27lbs and 2 years old but he has a regular pediatric wheelchair he uses instead now. If you read this post you can see the materials we used and where we bought the tires: http://masonsbjournal.blogspot.com/2012/10/masons-first-wheelchair.html Hope that helps!

  8. Great, thanks a bunch!!! Much appreciated!


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