Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Months Old and Planning Ahead for a ZipZac

100_8876Mason is 4 months old today.  He’s brought joy beyond measure in those 4 short months as well as a lot of firsts.  Today I took a bunch of pictures of all my kiddos for fun.  I’ve posted those over on my other blog if you want to check them out

Mason will turn a year old in 8 months and we’re already looking ahead to that and making birthday present plans.  We’ve decided on his present and it is something we’ll need to save up for: zipzac1That’s a ZipZac, folks.  In case you’ve never seen one, it will make more mobility possible for Mason at a very early age.  I’ve sent an email to the company asking a few questions.  ZipZac-II-72453d1de5One thing I asked is when the price goes up.  Right now it costs $900.00.  We’re thinking we may go ahead and buy one soon before the price increase ($1400).  You can see video of little ones using their ZipZac here.

What we’ve found is that Mason’s state insurance will eventually buy him a wheelchair, but not until he is 2 or older, and it will be a larger size that he’ll use for several years, one that will grow with him.  We want Mason to have mobility on par with his siblings as soon as he is ready for it.  The ZipZac will allow him to chase after siblings, move from room to room, and still pick up toys from the floor to play with at an earlier age (not much past a year old).  Insurance won’t cover a ZipZac.  Sigh.   Thankfully we have a little time and we have family members who are happy to contribute toward the ZipZac.


  1. If I had a spare $1000 sitting around, I would buy you one right now just to see how stinking cute he'll be in one! What a great idea. He will be more than capable of getting around, and he will just love getting around with his siblings. Great find!! Do people ever put these on ebay?

  2. Wow! That is pretty awesome! What a great idea!

  3. That just plain looks like fun!

  4. I must say, it looks great. I'm sure he will love that once he is big enough!

  5. This looks great, but I recognize a lot of the parts. Do you know anyone clever enough to make one? A modified Bumbo seat, wood platform, tiny wheels from IKEA and then the big wheels that could come off of a good stroller. Some kind of rod to attach the wheels and you've got one for a couple hundred dollars max. Whoever designed this was a genius!


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