Sunday, January 8, 2017

Osteoporosis Checkup and almost birthday time!

Mason had a great holiday season. Family time, parties, church, book club, art class, and homeschooling filled the season. He also started physical therapy each week with a walker. His birthday is on Wednesday. I'm not sure where the last 5 years have gone but this sweet boy is a joy to know.

In medical land he had his yearly checkup last week for his osteoporosis. The DEXA scan shows that his bone density is better than it was a year ago - hooray! It also is still in the negative numbers so we will keep going with his infusions. I am waiting to hear from his doctor whether he will continue with IVs every 6 months or if we will space it out further.

On the same day he had his DEXA Mason had his IV infusion. He and I got to watch a couple movies and eat lunch while the medication was going in. He's a trooper.

Later this month he has appointments with colorectal and his full team appointment at Myelo clinic. Next month he'll see his orthopedic surgeon for a check up on his scoliosis. It's that season again where we evaluate what is working, what is questionable, and hopefully this time around we'll have nothing unusual going on!

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